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Updated: Apr 19, 2021


Following agreements made in recent weeks, the collaboration for in-company training between us at Stratos and the "ITI Cannizzaro" high school in Catania represented by D.S. Giuseppina Montella.

The idea was born from the will of the CEO Alessio Maugeri who, precisely in this period of profound work crisis due to the pandemic in progress, decided to implement a professional training course that simulates the working reality with the aim of making participating students learn the various facets of roles, skills and responsibilities that you have in the IT business world.

"In our work we know how difficult it is to find the right resources for a project" declares Alessio Maugeri "and this applies to both internal products and customer requests. We always look for valid personnel who not only know the correct programming language or the latest framework in vogue at the moment, but also that has the right attitude, that knows how to work in a team and that knows how to interact with the various company figures or at least has the right conception of 'Who' does 'What'.

This is a process that unfortunately is acquired only with work experience and therefore many new resources do not have as they have never faced this reality.

With our collaboration I want to make these young people live the business experience to give them a hint of working life. "

This path will bring 37 young students of the ITI Cannizzaro course in Catania, to deal (both personally and professionally) with the thousand challenges that managing and developing software involves every day; because this is precisely what it is about, from the idea of ​​the professors, who in the project interpret the role of customers and product managers, the students will have to work in a team and impersonate the roles that a company organization requires, from the Project Manager to the Solution Architect , passing through developers and testers; in short, nothing is left out. While a group of young people is in charge of collecting the requirements, another group will immerse themselves in the increasingly current theme of Marketing, and then advertise / sponsor the activity is the product created through the various social channels impersonating Social Media Managers.

Nothing is left to chance in this program, supervised by Stratos Software LTD and by the teachers of the ITI Cannizzaro Department of Computer Science.


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