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Updated: May 20, 2021


The beginning of a good business plan is given by the ability to obtain information, plan the development activities of a project or service and be able to carry out the specific detail creation activities.

Identifying the right solution may not always be easy considering that many companies do not have the structure that can cover all these aspects and for this reason you prefer to use professional external advice.

The first challenge is the choice of the type of solution to be applied, you can choose between a pre-existing standard solution that involves some customized integrations up to a completely customized solution.

Both solutions have an impact on implementation time and costs (both implementation and maintenance).

You can see that you have to create a synergy to understand the different elements of the analysis that can generate value and stimulate the implementation of requests.

The strategic consultancy that we carry out creates the first bridge between the idea of the project and its realization in effective terms with high quality efficiency and professionalism.

Process optimization is beneficial in terms of investment but also in management across the entire line of work process.

Stratos Software's team makes themselves available to you, formulates for you an analysis that best suits your scenario in technical, economic terms and provides you with a valid knowledge of the technological channels that allow rapid growth.

The advantages obtained are:

  • Rapid analysis capabilities

  • Understanding technical flows

  • Integration of specifications

  • Technological alignment

The experience gained over the years of management and consulting in the software sector gives us a complete vision in proposing solutions in the awareness of giving added value.

What make us stand out?

Stratos Software is a company capable of offering a different vision that provides clear and efficient answers right away. The way we operate has been a strength so far because we can help you identify and analyze the impact of software on your business, with the aim of achieving a quick return on investment as we offer:

  • Concentrated and trained qualified personnel

  • Long-term solutions that extend over time.

  • Management support that aims for a successful strategy.

  • Lower costs with an optimized ROI lens.

Offering cost-effective solutions leads us to try to optimize our resources and extend our horizons to support our capabilities at your service.

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