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Whether you are a company or an individual, in the current global context, you must be aware of how expensive it can be to finance a project / product entirely or partially; and how deleterious it can be to miss a production release of the latest changes or to compose a development team that has technical deficiencies related to the technology stack decided. This is because any unexpected variation on the planning made inevitably leads to a further expenditure of budget.


Project management ensures that solutions are planned and delivered within budget and time requirements to ensure scheduled time-to-market and a solid business case.


The scope and breakdown of features combined with a well-defined market access strategy will ensure the product is up and running as soon as possible, to gather feedback, analyze results and iterate to get better solutions.

At Stratos Software we know very well the value of all the work required to carry out a project and how difficult it is to have full control of the elements in play.

We aim to enhance every single project managed by applying the 2 macro methodologies in relation to the type of budget and timeline envisaged:

- Agile: For experimental projects or projects that have a greater chance of being redefined over time.

- Waterfall: For consolidated projects where every aspect has already been defined or where logical and functional changes are not expected over time.

Trust our team of experts and send us your details request pressing here.


Thanks to an extensive offer system, we can guide you to the realization of your project.


We define timelines and budgets tailored to your needs.

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