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Many businesses encounter various problems in the analysis process and fail to identify effective long-term solutions. The consequence of this lack leads to the loss of energy and resources. A detailed analysis provides an advantage both from a managerial and an economic point of view.

Choosing between standard solutions with customized integrations or a completely customized solution leads to an impact on time and costs. In addition, selecting the right scope for an MVP also affects time to market.

Our consulting services can help clients align your technology needs and your business vision, taking into consideration your business process and budget needs.

At Stratos Software, we can help you identify and analyze the impact of software on your business, with the goal of achieving a quick ROI.

We offer a number of services to help you better understand what can be used to get your results. Our services include consulting in project management, business processes with software interaction, data mining, scoping of software applications and alignment of software needs to budgets (MVP).

Start getting a free analytics assessment today by clicking here.

Our business cases range from logistics, to retail, finance and supply chain, we can offer a better view on your processes with a 360 ° scope coverage.

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