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The path for transversal skills and orientation (PCTO) between Stratos Software Ltd and ITI Cannizzaro of Catania is proceeding in full sails.

Young students become workers and realize that the future is in their hands. The children involved in the PCTO project are the students of ITI Cannizzaro of Catania who for some months have been integrating into their school path, with the participation in an event that leads them to manage a healthy plan, a vocational training project.

There are various dynamics that are created when working in team and collaborating to achieve a single goal; it is for reasons of cause to assign roles and tasks, in order to scale the work coordination structure.

The symbiosis between the two parties proceeds in a clear and cooperative collaboration, with the aim of giving a decisive imprint of educational/work training learning.

The selected students of the Computer Science course have already been working for a few weeks assisted by the teacherstutors and the managers of the Stratos Software.

Participants in the course were divided into groups according to their own competences, including:

- Product Owners: Product managers, have a responsibility to maximize the value of the product, decide what needs to be done, what features a product must have and when to release them on the market;

- HL Manager: this group of people includes the following figures; the Proxy Product Owner, product manager and product owner interface for all the guys involved in the project, the Quality QA or the one who guarantees good quality control also supervising the testers and finally the Project Manager, who coordinates the project management in every sector;

- Solution Architect: responsible for the technology used, best practices and reference point for technological criticalities;

- Analyst: they perform analyses within the product and detect its problems, obviously solving them;

- Social Media Manager: responsible for spreading on social media to promote the product, the customer and the same pcto activity;

- Developer: those who take charge of the activities and deliver them on time;

- DB Analyst: they deal with the management and definition of the database of data historicization and that know how the database is structured;

- Testers: create test cases and write the manual for users;

- Designer: responsible for the graphical interface and usability of the product.

The roles indicated are configured according to the reality of the future project that is slowly being created and shaped. This is a homogeneous and progressive development that will lead by the end of the school year to the creation of a software product capable of being viewed by end users.

The students, as indicated by themselves, say they are lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this collaboration and feel "motivated and ambitious for the opportunity to develop useful and innovative software"

With the best of intentions, we are confident that this experience will constructively enrich their training background and at the same time give the opportunity to consolidate our leadership as a solid and innovative company.

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